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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 3525 packages here.
To contact the PyPI admins, please use the Support or Bug reports links.

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To use a package from this index either "pip install package" (get pip) or download, unpack and "python setup.py install" it.

Package Authors

Submit packages with "python setup.py upload". The index hosts package docs. You may also use the web form. You must register. Testing? Use testpypi.


To interoperate with the index use the JSON, OAuth, XML-RPC or HTTP interfaces. Use local mirroring or caching to make installation more robust.

2015-07-04 py3exiv2 0.1.4a15 A Python3 binding to the library exiv2
2015-07-04 beautify 0.1.1 Simplifies the process of formatting and printing beautiful and responsive output in terminals
2015-07-03 django-system-globals 0.0.6 A Django App to manage any system globals from a DB table.
2015-07-03 maproulette 0.1 A wrapper for the MapRoulette API
2015-07-03 django-major-event-log 0.1.0 Django app for keeping track of major premis events.
2015-07-03 jasmin 0.6b32 Jasmin is a very complete open source SMS Gateway with many enterprise-class features.
2015-07-03 dpoc 0.1.2 Dumb Python OpenTSDB Client
2015-07-03 viv-synapse 0.0.6 Synapse Distributed Computing Framework
2015-07-03 viv-synapse-py34 0.0.4 Synapse Distributed Computing Framework
2015-07-03 gcloud_storage_api 0.0.59 gCloud - The Cloud made in Italy Python API
2015-07-03 iso-639 0.4.4 Python library for ISO 639 standard
2015-07-03 sparmap 1.0.4 A Simple PARallel MAP implementation for Python.
2015-07-03 Wextracto 0.7.5 Web Data Extraction Library Written in Python
2015-07-03 beautifulsoup4 4.4.0c Screen-scraping library
2015-07-03 reHCstar 2.1.3 A SAT-based program to compute a haplotype configuration on pedigrees with recombinations, genotyping errors, and missing genotypes over biallelic and multi-allelic loci.
2015-07-03 creeerio-server 0.1 WSGI cut short.
2015-07-03 pytextparser 0.1.0 Python text parser which provides simple, reliable methods for performing standard text processing operations
2015-07-03 webhose 0.1.3 Simple client library for the webhose.io REST API
2015-07-03 python-openevse 0.1a1 Control OpenEVSE boards
2015-07-03 aggregate 0.2 Replacement for Matlab's accumarray function.
2015-07-03 marcopolo 0.0.10 The reference implementation for MarcoPolo
2015-07-03 dojson 0.1.0 A Pythonic JSON to JSON converter.
2015-07-03 marcopolo-manager 0.0.7 A task scheduler with MarcoPolo integration
2015-07-03 marcopolo.bindings 0.0.3 A python binding for MarcoPolo
2015-07-03 marcobootstrap.backend 0.0.2 The marcobootstrap utility
2015-07-03 py-eve-chat-mon 0.3 A library that focuses on monitoring EVE Online chat logs for messages and doing nothing else. It is meant to be focused and lightweight.
2015-07-02 cli-github 1.0.7 Github inside the Command Line
2015-07-02 GraphLab-Create 0.215 GraphLab Create enables developers and data scientists to apply machine learning to build state of the art data products.
2015-07-02 Versio 0.3.0 Version manipulation library.
2015-07-02 azure-batch-apps 0.5.0 Batch Apps Python Client
2015-07-02 gPhoton 1.24.0 The GALEX photon project.
2015-07-02 cricket_score_indicator 3.5.3 An indicator to show live cricket(domestic/international) scores
2015-07-02 httputil 0.6.5 Various utilities to deal with HTTP stuff.
2015-07-02 spotify-ripper 2.2.4 a small ripper for Spotify that rips Spotify URIs to audio files
2015-07-02 jobTree 3.0.1.dev1 Pipeline management software for clusters.
2015-07-02 ftrack-python-api 0.5.0 Python API for ftrack.
2015-07-02 summics 1.1.0 Summics API
2015-07-02 snp-pipeline 0.3.5a.2 Script and functions for SNP matrix construction
2015-07-02 log_scraper 0.9.9 A base library for writing your own log scraper, i.e. something that can run regexes over files and give you meaningful information like stats. Add your own regexes and plug and play. See the readme for more information.
2015-07-02 limix 0.7.6rc5 A flexible and fast mixed model toolbox written in C++/python

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