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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 10077 packages here.
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To use a package from this index either "pip install package" (get pip) or download, unpack and "python setup.py install" it.

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Submit packages with "python setup.py upload". The index hosts package docs. You may also use the web form. You must register. Testing? Use testpypi.


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2016-08-24 frozen 0.1.0 Python FrozenDict and DeepFreeze
2016-08-23 tdu 0.0.1 Thruster design utility.
2016-08-23 s3bp 0.1 Read and write pandas DataFrames from/to S3.
2016-08-23 pycon2016-tutorial-doc-training 1.0 test stuff for pycon tutorial
2016-08-23 GeoNode 2.5.dev20160823172713 Application for serving and sharing geospatial data
2016-08-23 awsebcli 3.7.8 Command Line Interface for AWS EB.
2016-08-23 krysa 0.3.2 KrySA - Statistical analysis for rats
2016-08-23 germanium 1.9.7 The germanium project: Selenium WebDriver testing API that doesn't disappoint.
2016-08-23 pypif 1.0.11 Python tools for working with the Physical Information File (PIF)
2016-08-23 PLambda 1.0.5 The PLambda language
2016-08-23 menpodetect 0.4.1 Object detection for Menpo
2016-08-23 FEW 0.0.1 Feature Engineering Wrapper
2016-08-23 steampy 0.24 A Steam lib for trade automation
2016-08-23 PsiTurk 2.1.6 An open platform for science on Amazon Mechanical Turk
2016-08-23 ple 0.0.1 PyGame Learning Environment
2016-08-23 mlxtend 0.4.2 Machine Learning Library Extensions
2016-08-23 aylien_news_api 0.2.0 AYLIEN News API Client Library for Python
2016-08-23 path-command 0.0.8 execute command for every path
2016-08-23 packagejson 0.0.4 generate package.json
2016-08-23 reflexif 0.1.0.dev2 Pure Python library to read, inspect and modify Exif data
2016-08-23 osx-input 0.0.5 input dialog (OS X)
2016-08-23 osascript 0.0.16 osascript(applescript, flags=None) function - osascript (AppleScript) python implementation (OS X)
2016-08-23 only 0.0.15 @only.<OS> decorator. raise OSError if not supported OS
2016-08-23 objectname 0.0.11 fullname(obj) - get object fullname, pkgname.modname.objectname
2016-08-23 npmjs-open 0.0.8 open node package page (npmjs.com/package/pkgname) in default browser
2016-08-23 now-diff 0.0.5 date difference from now
2016-08-23 newer-than 0.0.10 compare files modification time
2016-08-23 moduledict 0.0.13 moduledict(module) function - get dict with module items
2016-08-23 modindex 0.0.4 standard library modindex
2016-08-23 modification 0.0.10 modification(path) - get modification datetime.datetime
2016-08-23 mktouch 0.0.10 mkdir and touch
2016-08-23 load_module 0.0.13 load_module(fullname,path=None) - imp.load_module replacement
2016-08-23 launchagents 0.0.12 LaunchAgents management
2016-08-23 iTunes-command 0.0.5 iTunes commands (OS X)
2016-08-23 iswritable 0.0.7 iswritable(path) - True if path is writable
2016-08-23 iswildcard 0.0.12 iswildcard(string) function - True if string is wildcard pattern
2016-08-23 isstring 0.0.14 isstring(object) - True if object of string type. python2 and python3 compatible
2016-08-23 isstaticmethod 0.0.13 isstaticmethod(object) function - True if object is staticmethod
2016-08-23 isstandardlibrary 0.0.15 isstandardlibrary(object) function - True if object from Python Standard Library
2016-08-23 issharedobject 0.0.15 issharedobject(object) - True if object is shared object (.so module)

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