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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 3084 packages here.
To contact the PyPI admins, please use the Support or Bug reports links.

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To use a package from this index either "pip install package" (get pip) or download, unpack and "python setup.py install" it.

Package Authors

Submit packages with "python setup.py upload". The index hosts package docs. You may also use the web form. You must register. Testing? Use testpypi.


To interoperate with the index use the JSON, OAuth, XML-RPC or HTTP interfaces. Use local mirroring or caching to make installation more robust.

2015-05-27 dumpy 0.1.1 Binary protocol parser
2015-05-27 datagod 0.2.2 A library focused on faking data
2015-05-26 nio-cli 0.1.13 Command line tools for n.io
2015-05-26 django-sessionprofile 0.1.0 Use Django for SSO - this package provides a bridge for third party packages.
2015-05-26 python-qpid-proton 0.9.1 An AMQP based messaging library.
2015-05-26 atmos 0.2.1 Atmospheric sciences utility library
2015-05-26 prost 0.7.23 An application to quantify and annotate miRNA expression.
2015-05-26 nosqldb 3.3.4 A Python driver for Oracle NoSQL Database
2015-05-26 cHaversine 0.1.1 Fast haversine calculation
2015-05-26 httputil 0.6.1 Various utilities to deal with HTTP stuff.
2015-05-26 Expyriment 0.8.0
2015-05-26 resourceguruscripts 0.5 ResourceGuru Python for Scripts
2015-05-26 psynth 0.1.3 The official open-source Python library for generating graphs in Psymphonic Psynth.
2015-05-26 djangotransifex 0.1.9 A Django api to Transifex
2015-05-26 p4util 0.1a0 A Toolbox for Perforce
2015-05-26 django-exportdb 0.1.1 Dump the entire database to xlsx workbook with a sheet per model
2015-05-26 exist Exist API client implementation
2015-05-26 saslib 0.0.5 An HTML report generator to perform the meta data lookup like PROC CONTENTS in SAS
2015-05-26 Lucidity 1.4.1 Filesystem templating and management.
2015-05-26 esoreader 1.1.0 A module for parsing EnergyPlus *.eso files
2015-05-26 aperturesynth 0.0.2 A tool for registering and combining series of handheld photographs
2015-05-26 grey_harvest Generate lists of free, reliable http(s) proxies.
2015-05-26 kiefer 0.1.3 A Python wrapper for the Jawbone UP API.
2015-05-26 haversine 0.3 Calculate the distance bewteen 2 points on Earth.
2015-05-26 rangedict 0.1.0 range dict is a dict whose key is a range
2015-05-26 PyKrige 1.1.0 Kriging Toolkit for Python
2015-05-26 pyuia 0.2.3 PyUIA is a library aiming to facilitate the implementation of UI test automation with Python.
2015-05-26 plotly 1.6.18 Python plotting library for collaborative, interactive, publication-quality graphs.
2015-05-25 fredapi 0.3.6 Python API for Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) from St. Louis Fed
2015-05-25 vishalcdac07_nester 1.4.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2015-05-25 eyeD3 0.7.8 Python audio data toolkit (ID3 and MP3)
2015-05-25 jasmin 0.6b18 Jasmin is a very complete open source SMS Gateway with many enterprise-class features.
2015-05-25 scadat 0.3.3a8 A shell interface to tango open source scada
2015-05-25 colorutils 0.2.1 A utility for working with colors in Python.
2015-05-25 bossdata 0.1.0 Tools to access SDSS BOSS data.
2015-05-24 beets-noimport 0.1.0b0 add directories to the incremental import "do not import" list
2015-05-24 django-contact-form-bootstrap 0.1a1 Twitter Bootstrap Layout for Django Contact Form
2015-05-24 scapy-ssl_tls 1.0rc0 An SSL/TLS layer for scapy the interactive packet manipulation tool
2015-05-24 crashreporter 1.03 Track and send crash reports by email or FTP
2015-05-24 dynamic_stock_model 1.0 Python class for efficient handling of dynamic stock models

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