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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 8998 packages here.
To contact the PyPI admins, please use the Support or Bug reports links.

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To use a package from this index either "pip install package" (get pip) or download, unpack and "python setup.py install" it.

Package Authors

Submit packages with "python setup.py upload". The index hosts package docs. You may also use the web form. You must register. Testing? Use testpypi.


To interoperate with the index use the JSON, OAuth, XML-RPC or HTTP interfaces. Use local mirroring or caching to make installation more robust.

2016-06-28 kelly_criterion 1.0 Kelly Criterion Calculator
2016-06-28 SimpleWebEditor 0.0.5 A simple server for editing remote files in a browser.
2016-06-28 xl2dict 0.1.0 Spreadsheet to dictionary converter and data explorer
2016-06-28 fro 1.0.0 A module for parsing string representations of objects
2016-06-28 awsebcli 3.7.7 Command Line Interface for AWS EB.
2016-06-28 hellorap 0.1.1 A random test lib
2016-06-28 awslimitchecker 0.4.4 A script and python module to check your AWS service limits and usage, and warn when usage approaches limits.
2016-06-28 plenum-dev 0.1.35 Plenum Byzantine Fault Tolerant Protocol
2016-06-28 pySOT 0.1.22 Surrogate Optimization Toolbox
2016-06-28 dopamine 0.6 A library to use DopamineLabs machine learning API
2016-06-28 EQcorrscan 0.1.2 EQcorrscan - matched-filter earthquake detection and analysis
2016-06-28 tcell_agent 0.2.17 tCell.io Agent
2016-06-28 grpcio 0.0.0.dev0
2016-06-28 pyrtl 0.8.3 RTL-level Hardware Design and Simulation Toolkit
2016-06-27 lambda-setuptools 0.1.0 A Command extension to setuptools that allows building an AWS Lamba dist
2016-06-27 grpcio 0.15.0
2016-06-27 slabot 0.1 A Slack RTM & Standalone API for creating bots with Python
2016-06-27 pylabelprop 0.1.0 Python implementation of label propagation
2016-06-27 nostril 0.1.0 Simple nose wrapper to easily test packages from within python.
2016-06-27 fs-manager 0.1.1.dev2 This module is designed to relief and simplify interaction of your python modules with the file system.
2016-06-27 orchestration_commons Common functions used in orchestrators.
2016-06-27 jupyter-wysiwyg 0.1.1 WYSIWYG editing functionality for markdown/HTML cells in Jupyter
2016-06-27 rypy 0.0.0 RYan's PYthon tools
2016-06-27 kernelconfig 0.3.2 Generate custom Linux kernel configurations from curated sources
2016-06-27 dopaminekit 0.11 A library to use DopamineLabs machine learning API
2016-06-27 flaskJSONRPCServer 0.9.3 A Python JSON-RPC over HTTP with flask and gevent
2016-06-27 cgroupspy 0.1.3 Python library for managing cgroups
2016-06-27 cgroupspy 0.1.4 Python library for managing cgroups
2016-06-27 scrapy-deltafetch 0.9.0 Scrapy middleware to ignore previously crawled pages
2016-06-27 concourse-driver-python The official Python driver for Concourse
2016-06-27 sl_postbot 0.1.0 selenium post bot for when you're away
2016-06-27 pvacseq 2.0.12 Personalized Variant Antigens by Cancer Sequencing (pVAC-Seq)
2016-06-27 neolixir 2.1.3 A declarative ORM abstraction layer for Neo4j
2016-06-27 gitnet 0.0.8 An analysis tool for git and other VCS managed open-source projects.
2016-06-27 lsslides 0.1.0 Creates a HTML presentation from a Markdown file.
2016-06-27 mixpanel-jql 0.3.post4 A streaming library for making JQL queries to Mixpanel
2016-06-27 onesignal 0.1.3 A Python wrapper for OneSignal API (http://onesignal.com)
2016-06-27 cloudshell-cp-aws 0.1.39 A repository for projects providing out of the box capabilities within CloudShell to define AWS instances in CloudShell and leverage Amazon Cloud Computing capabilities to deploy and connect apps in CloudShell sandboxes.
2016-06-27 django-nose 1.4.4 Makes your Django tests simple and snappy
2016-06-27 PySPLIT 0.2.1 HYSPLIT trajectory analysis, automation, & visualization

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