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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 247 packages here.
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Package documentation is hosted on its own domain, pythonhosted.org (it was at packages.python.org and that domain will still work and automatically redirect to the new documentation home.)

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To use a package from this index either "pip install package" (get pip) or download, unpack and "python setup.py install" it. Browse all packages or use the search box above.

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2014-04-16 fauxfactory 0.1.3 Generates random data for your tests.
2014-04-16 pykismet 0.1.0 A Python 3 module for the Akismet spam comment-spam-detection web service.
2014-04-16 MimiProxy 0.0.4-experimental Small SOCKS5 proxy server on python3
2014-04-16 keystok 0.1.2 Keystok Python Client
2014-04-16 daysgrounded 0.0.1 Manage child(s) grounded days.
2014-04-16 pingo 0.1.1 Generic API to control boards with programmable IO pins.
2014-04-15 opstacle-lolz 1.1.6 A dangerous and probably broken SMTP proxy that attempts to keep you sane
2014-04-15 cdeploy 1.0 A tool for managing Cassandra schema migrations
2014-04-15 opstacle 1.1.6 A dangerous and probably broken SMTP proxy that attempts to keep you sane
2014-04-15 flickrsmartsync Sync/backup your photos to flickr easily
2014-04-15 standup 0.1.2 "What the FUCK did I do today?"
2014-04-15 twitter-tap 1.0.0 Collect tweets to a mongoDB using the Twitter search API.
2014-04-15 compressor_requirejs 1.1.1 Library for django compressor, which helps to build requirejs
2014-04-15 compressor_requirejs 1.1 Library for django compressor, which helps to build requirejs
2014-04-15 django-webdriver 0.2-pre Django app to run selenium webdriver tests.
2014-04-15 pymessage 0.1.3 Python library for reading and managing Apple iMessage database
2014-04-14 django-fsm-admin 0.0.5 UNKNOWN
2014-04-14 djqgrid 0.1 A Django wrapper for jqGrid
2014-04-14 green 0.6.0 !!! This module is still Pre-Alpha !!! A plugin for nose that provides the colored, aligned, clean output that nose ought to have by default.
2014-04-13 osxmmkeys 0.0.1 Easily handle media keys on OS X.
2014-04-13 text-seoanalyze 0.1 SEO analyze of page content
2014-04-13 vasppy 0.0.2 A library for manipulating VASP input / output files
2014-04-13 flatql 0.0.1 Handle Folder with CSV Files like SQLite Database
2014-04-13 mstranslate 1.0 Microsoft(Bing) translate API for python3
2014-04-12 asottile.yaml 0.1.0 asottile's extensions to pyyaml.
2014-04-12 asottile.ordereddict 0.1.0 A compatibility layer for OrderedDict. (ordereddict.OrderedDict for python <2.7, collections.OrderedDict otherwise).
2014-04-12 tippet 0.5 Manage project/file templates.
2014-04-11 python-epo-ops-client 0.1.3 Python Client for the European Patent Office's Open Patent Services API
2014-04-11 yelp_encodings 0.1.3 string encodings invented and maintained by yelp
2014-04-11 sphinxcontrib-cmtinc 0.1dev-20140411 Include comments from source file Sphinx extension
2014-04-11 dedupe A python library for accurate and scaleable data deduplication and entity-resolution
2014-04-11 lalf 3.0a0 Forumactif to phpbb converter
2014-04-10 linkmanager 0.2.8 Manage your link on terminal
2014-04-10 UNKNOWN 0.0.0 UNKNOWN
2014-04-10 irbench 0.0.7 Image Retrieval Benchmark.
2014-04-09 wabbit_wappa 0.0.2 Wabbit Wappa is a full-featured Python wrapper for the Vorpal Wabbit machine learning utility.
2014-04-09 SemVerPy 0.0.1 Bump versions. Semantically.
2014-04-08 schachtler 1.0.0 Einfache Ausgabe geschachtelter Listen
2014-04-08 pipcheck 0.0.3 Environment package update checker
2014-04-08 gant 0.0.3 The Gluster development helper ant

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