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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 10200 packages here.
To contact the PyPI admins, please use the Support or Bug reports links.

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To use a package from this index either "pip install package" (get pip) or download, unpack and "python setup.py install" it.

Package Authors

Submit packages with "python setup.py upload". The index hosts package docs. You may also use the web form. You must register. Testing? Use testpypi.


To interoperate with the index use the JSON, OAuth, XML-RPC or HTTP interfaces. Use local mirroring or caching to make installation more robust.

2016-08-29 lxctest 1.0.3 Provides a wrapper around LXC to automate test execution
2016-08-29 grm 0.2.1 GitRoom Manager: A command line GitHub classroom manager
2016-08-29 fac-cli 0.5 Command-line mod manager for Factorio (install, update...).
2016-08-29 django-dynamic-formsets 0.0.7 A lightweight plugin for managing Django formsets with jQuery.
2016-08-29 compressed-deque 0.1.1 Compressed Deque
2016-08-29 bdss-client 1.0.1b1 Big Data Smart Socket client
2016-08-29 kubeshift 0.0.1 A universal python library for container orchestrators
2016-08-29 watchmaker 0.0.1.dev199
2016-08-29 cognizant 0.1 AWS Cognito Authentication Wrapper
2016-08-29 pendulum 0.5.3 Python datetimes made easy.
2016-08-29 cloudshell-cp-aws 1.0.126 A repository for projects providing out of the box capabilities within CloudShell to define AWS instances in CloudShell and leverage Amazon Cloud Computing capabilities to deploy and connect apps in CloudShell sandboxes.
2016-08-29 Firenado Firenado is a python web framework based on Tornado web framework/server.
2016-08-29 comake v0.1.3 A c++ build tool
2016-08-29 wsinfo 1.0.0 Python package for simply retrieving information about a specific website.
2016-08-29 ConfigSpace 0.2.1 Creation and manipulation of parameter configuration spaces for automated algorithm configuration and hyperparameter tuning.
2016-08-29 tripal 1.1 Tripal API library
2016-08-29 empyrical 0.1.10 empyrical is a Python library with performance and risk statistics commonly used in quantitative finance
2016-08-29 ishtar 0.97.3 Ishtar is a database to manage the finds and documentation from archaeological operations.
2016-08-29 libmozdata 0.1.0 Tool to find out some clues after crashes in using data from Socorro, Bugzilla and mercurial
2016-08-29 cloudshell-networking-juniper 2.0.139 QualiSystems Juniper package
2016-08-29 krysa 0.3.4 KrySA - Statistical analysis for rats
2016-08-29 testdocplex 1.0.591 The IBM Decision Optimization CPLEX Modeling for Python
2016-08-29 mezzanine-pubsubhubbub-pub 0.0.1 publisher of pubsubhubbub (PuSH) in Mezzanine.
2016-08-29 cvss 1.4 CVSS2/3 library with interactive calculator for Python 2 and Python 3
2016-08-29 cloudshell-cp-vcenter 1.3.158 This Shell enables setting up vCenter as a cloud provider in CloudShell. It supports connectivity, and adds new deployment types for apps which can be used in CloudShell sandboxes.
2016-08-29 bubbletools 0.1.3 Tools around the bubble format (see https://github.com/Aluriak/PowerGrASP#bubble-formatted-file)
2016-08-29 django_search_model 2.3 Searchable and paginable ListView
2016-08-29 ar_too 0.4 Artifactory configuration tool
2016-08-29 wradlib 0.9.0 wradlib - An Open Source Library for Weather Radar Data Processing
2016-08-29 peony-twitter 0.2.2 An asynchronous Twitter API client for Python
2016-08-29 joblib 0.10.1.dev0
2016-08-29 usethistest 0.1.5 project skeleton testing
2016-08-29 steampy 0.25 A Steam lib for trade automation
2016-08-29 parler-tools 0.5.0 Collection of helpers and mixins for translated projects
2016-08-29 trellio 1.0.3 Python 3.5 Asyncio based microframework for microservice architecture
2016-08-29 tcpliveplot 0.2.0 Realtime-visualization of TCP flows logged by TCPlog.
2016-08-29 cuebung-helper 0.2.0 Helper function to test c code with pytest
2016-08-29 pyshtools 3.3.3 SHTOOLS - Tools for working with spherical harmonics
2016-08-29 fasttext 0.7.2 A Python interface for Facebook fastText library
2016-08-29 easyadwords 0.1.2 User friendly wrapper for Google AdWords

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