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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 2278 packages here.
To contact the PyPI admins, please use the Support or Bug reports links.

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To use a package from this index either "pip install package" (get pip) or download, unpack and "python setup.py install" it.

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Submit packages with "python setup.py upload". The index hosts package docs. You may also use the web form. You must register. Testing? Use testpypi.


To interoperate with the index use the JSON, OAuth, XML-RPC or HTTP interfaces. Use local mirroring or caching to make installation more robust.

2015-03-05 reahl-component 3.1.0 The component framework of Reahl.
2015-03-05 mpc55xx-bam-loader-g1 1.0.0 Upload binaries to Freescale MPC55xx or MPC56xx with the BAM serial protocol
2015-03-05 game24 1.0.0 A console application to play the 24 game
2015-03-05 bsnstacklib 2014.2.1 Big Switch Networks Plugins for OpenStack Networking
2015-03-05 nyaalib 0.0.6 Python library for Nyaa
2015-03-05 pynance 0.2.0 Retrieve and analyse financial market data
2015-03-05 sympa 0.1.0 Symbolic math for pandas
2015-03-05 update-conf.py 0.3.3 Generate config files from 'conf.d' like directories
2015-03-05 requests-aws4auth 0.3 Amazon Web Services version 4 authentication for the Python requests module
2015-03-05 durga 0.2.0.dev2 Create easy to use Python objects for REST resources including schema validation.
2015-03-05 rtv 1.0a4 A simple terminal viewer for Reddit (Reddit Terminal Viewer)
2015-03-05 requests-aws3auth 0.2 Amazon Web Services version 4 authentication for the Python requests module
2015-03-05 jasmin 0.6b5 Jasmin is a very complete open source SMS Gateway with many enterprise-class features.
2015-03-04 egat 0.9.6 An automated testing toolkit
2015-03-04 powershellmagic 0.1.0 IPython magic for Windows PowerShell
2015-03-04 envconsul 1.0.0 Environment Variable and Settings Management via Consul
2015-03-04 crianza 0.1.5 Simple Forth-like VM and genetic programming framework.
2015-03-04 pygeoprocessing 0.1.1.dev5 Geoprocessing routines for GIS
2015-03-04 snappy 2.3rc3 Studying the topology and geometry of 3-manifolds, with a focus on hyperbolic structures.
2015-03-04 spherogram 1.4rc1 Spherical diagrams for 3-manifold topology
2015-03-04 bcm_test 0.0.1 Implementing Bayesian Case Model
2015-03-04 Flask-Sillywalk 2.1 So you want to implement an auto-documenting API?
2015-03-04 PyStratum 0.1.4 A stored procedure and function loader, wrapper generator for MySQL and MS-SQL
2015-03-04 pddlpy 0.1.2 Python PDDL parser
2015-03-04 nelsnmp 0.1.0 A wrapper module for pysnmp
2015-03-04 eventdispatcher 1.63 An event dispatcher framework inspired by the Kivy project.
2015-03-04 plink 1.8 A full featured Tk-based knot and link editor
2015-03-04 publicsuffixlist 0.2.4 publicsuffixlist implement
2015-03-04 yael 0.0.9 yael (Yet Another EPUB Library) is a Python library for reading, manipulating, and writing EPUB 2/3 files.
2015-03-04 spot 1.2.1 A Statistical Parameter Optimization Tool
2015-03-04 gFlex One- and two-dimensional plate bending, designed for Earth's lithosphere
2015-03-04 pedsnetcdms 0.1.1 PEDSnet Common Data Model Definitions
2015-03-04 checksumdir 1.0.3 Simple package to compute a single deterministic hash of the file contents of a directory.
2015-03-04 akaudit 0.1.1 Audit who has SSH access to your user homes via authorized_keys.
2015-03-04 strategypy 0.1.0 A strategy game for Python bots with replaceable front ends
2015-03-04 event-store 1.0.5 Event Store implemented in Python
2015-03-04 jsonrpcserver 1.0.12 JSON-RPC 2.0 server library for Python 3.
2015-03-04 googlefinance 0.5 Python module to get real-time (no delay) stock data from Google Finance API
2015-03-04 autosimulationcraft 0.1.0 A python script to run SimulationCraft reports for World of Warcraft characters when their gear/stats/level/etc. changes.
2015-03-03 clef 0.0.4 A Python wrapper for the Clef API

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