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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 277 packages here.
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Package documentation is hosted on its own domain, pythonhosted.org (it was at packages.python.org and that domain will still work and automatically redirect to the new documentation home.)

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To use a package from this index either "pip install package" (get pip) or download, unpack and "python setup.py install" it. Browse all packages or use the search box above.

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To interoperate with the index use the JSON, OAuth, XML-RPC or HTTP interfaces. Use the mirror infrastructure to download even if the primary site is unavailable.

2014-04-24 cloudrunner 0.5 Script execution engine for cloud environments.
2014-04-24 avcaesar_api 1.0
2014-04-24 pyvenny 0.2rc Venn diagram plot of four sets, like venny.
2014-04-23 plotly 1.0.0 Python plotting library for collaborative, interactive, web-based, publication-quality graphs.
2014-04-23 djsailthru 0.0.3 App for using Sailthru as a django email backend.
2014-04-23 yelp_uri 0.1.0 Uri utilities maintained by Yelp
2014-04-23 fsutils 0.1.1 Utilities for working with FreeSurfer data
2014-04-23 wdb 2.0.0 An improbable web debugger through WebSockets (client only)
2014-04-23 wdb.server 2.0.0 An improbable web debugger through WebSockets (server)
2014-04-23 esoreader 1.0.0 A module for parsing EnergyPlus .ESO files
2014-04-23 openerp_proxy 0.1 OpenERP CLI interface and libraray for RPC
2014-04-23 submarine Python 2/3 compatible subtitle converter
2014-04-23 SpeechRecognition 1.0.0 Library for performing speech recognition with the Google Speech Recognition API.
2014-04-23 meter-reader 1.0.1 Client Library for retreiving smart meter data from an Eagle Energy Gateway
2014-04-22 massweb 0.0.1 Fast Web Fuzzing and Scanning
2014-04-22 ndar-backend 0.1.0 NDAR back-end tools
2014-04-22 ndar_unpack 0.1.0 A script for checking and unpacking NDAR image data
2014-04-22 PyECLib 0.9.2 This library provides a simple Python interface for implementing erasure codes. To obtain the best possible performance, the underlying erasure code algorithms are written in C.
2014-04-22 parameterize 0.1 a Python implementation of parameterize and SRFI 39
2014-04-21 django-sneak-peek 0.0.1 Django template tag to hide pre-release features in a template
2014-04-21 python-traceview 0.1.0 TraceView API Client
2014-04-21 PyMySQL 0.6.2-rc1 Pure-Python MySQL Driver
2014-04-21 GCS 0.1.2 Gestor de Carteras de Seguros
2014-04-20 Chinese-RFID-Access-Control-Library 0.0.1 A library for interfacing with one of the most common RFID Access Control System sold in China.
2014-04-20 cockatoo 0.0.5 cockatoo - A similarity metric for macromolecular crystallization conditions
2014-04-20 ipcluster_tools 0.0.5 IPython cluster tools
2014-04-20 python-simpletax 0.1.0 Python API client to gosimpletax.com
2014-04-19 macroeco 0.3 Ecological pattern analysis in Python
2014-04-19 web.py-modules v0.1 Optional modules for web.py framework.
2014-04-19 nomit 1.0 Process Monit HTTP/XML
2014-04-19 structominer 0.2.0 Data scraping for a more civilized age
2014-04-19 yelp_bytes 0.1.0 Utilities for dealing with byte strings, invented and maintained by Yelp.
2014-04-18 daysgrounded 0.0.7 Manage child(s) grounded days.
2014-04-18 django-oauth2-provider Provide OAuth2 access to your app
2014-04-18 green 0.8.0 A thin-wrapper for the "nose" project that provides the colored, aligned, clean output that nose ought to have by default. To use green, just run green (or green2 or green3, or green-X.X where X.X is your python version). Alternatively, you can run "nosetests --with-green"
2014-04-17 dedupe A python library for accurate and scaleable data deduplication and entity-resolution
2014-04-17 flywheel 0.2.0 SQLAlchemy-style ORM for Amazon's DynamoDB
2014-04-17 muppet 0.1.2 Durable messaging for distributed processing
2014-04-17 parseidf 1.0.0 A module for parsing EnergyPlus IDF files
2014-04-17 twitter-tap 1.1.0 Collect tweets to a mongoDB using the Twitter search API.

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