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TransportMaps 1.0.0b5

Tools for the construction of transport maps

Latest Version: 1.1b0

Transport Maps

This package provides basic functionalities for the construction of monotonic transport maps.


`BitBucket <https: bitbucket.org="" dabi86="" transport-maps=""/>`_

* origin/master:

.. image:: https://southpacific.no-ip.org:8090/buildStatus/icon?job=TransportMaps
:target: https://southpacific.no-ip.org:8090/buildStatus/icon?job=TransportMaps

* origin/develop/master

.. image:: https://southpacific.no-ip.org:8090/buildStatus/icon?job=TransportMaps-develop
:target: https://southpacific.no-ip.org:8090/buildStatus/icon?job=TransportMaps-develop

* origin/hotfixes/master

.. image:: https://southpacific.no-ip.org:8090/buildStatus/icon?job=TransportMaps-hotfixes
:target: https://southpacific.no-ip.org:8090/buildStatus/icon?job=TransportMaps-hotfixes

Supported systems

* \*nix like OS (Linux, Unix, ...)
* Mac OS

Other operating systems have not been tested and they likely require a more complex procedure for the installation (this includes the Microsoft Windows family..).

We reccommend to work in a virtual environment using `virtualenv <https: virtualenv.readthedocs.io="" en="" latest=""/>`_ or `Anaconda <https: www.continuum.io="" why-anaconda="">`_.

Installation requirements

* `gcc <https: gcc.gnu.org=""/>`_ (or an alternative C/C++ compiler)
* `gfortran <https: gcc.gnu.org="" fortran=""/>`_ (or an alternative Fortran compiler)

Automatic installation

First of all make sure to have the latest version of `pip <https: pypi.python.org="" pypi="" pip="">`_ installed

.. prompt:: bash

pip install --upgrade pip

The package and its python dependencies can be installed running the command:

.. prompt:: bash

pip install TransportMaps

If one whish to enable some of the optional dependencies:

.. prompt:: bash

MPI=True SPHINX=True PLOT=True H5PY=True pip install TransportMaps

These options will install the following modules:

* MPI -- parallelization routines (see the `tutorial <mpi-usage.html>`_). It requires the separate installation of an MPI backend (`openMPI <https: www.open-mpi.org=""/>`_, `mpich <https: www.mpich.org=""/>`_, etc.). The following Python modules will be installed:
* `mpi4py <https: pypi.python.org="" pypi="" mpi4py="">`_
* `mpi_map <https: pypi.python.org="" pypi="" mpi_map="">`_

* PLOT -- plotting capabilities:

* `MatPlotLib <https: pypi.python.org="" pypi="" matplotlib=""/>`_

* SPHINX -- documentation generation routines:

* `sphinx <https: pypi.python.org="" pypi="" sphinx="">`_
* `sphinxcontrib-bibtex <https: pypi.python.org="" pypi="" sphinxcontrib-bibtex=""/>`_
* `ipython <https: pypi.python.org="" pypi="" ipython="">`_
* `nbsphinx <https: pypi.python.org="" pypi="" nbsphinx="">`_

* H5PY -- routines for the storage of big data-set. It requires the separate installation of the `hdf5 <https: www.hdfgroup.org=""/>`_ backend.

* `mpi4py <https: pypi.python.org="" pypi="" mpi4py="">`_
* `h5py <http: www.h5py.org=""/>`_

Manual installation

If anything goes wrong with the automatic installation you can try to install manually the following packages.

Mandatory Back-end packages (usually installed with `numpy <https: pypi.python.org="" pypi="" numpy="">`_):

* `BLAS <http: www.netlib.org="" blas=""/>`_ (with development/header files)
* `LAPACK <http: www.netlib.org="" lapack=""/>`_ (with development/header files)

Mandatory Python packages:

* `pip <https: pypi.python.org="" pypi="" pip="">`_
* `numpy <https: pypi.python.org="" pypi="" numpy="">`_ >= 1.10
* `scipy <https: pypi.python.org="" pypi="" scipy="">`_
* `orthpol_light <https: pypi.python.org="" pypi="" orthpol-light="">`_
* `SpectralToolbox <https: pypi.python.org="" pypi="" spectraltoolbox="">`_
* `dill <https: pypi.python.org="" pypi="" dill="">`_

Finally install TransportMaps:

.. prompt:: bash

pip install TransportMaps

Running the Unit Tests

Unit tests are available and can be run through the command:

>>> import TransportMaps as TM
>>> TM.tests.run_all()

There are >3500 unit tests, and it will take some time to run all of them.  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
TransportMaps-1.0.0b5.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-04-20 9MB