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foliantcontrib.epsconvert 1.0.1

EPS to PNG converter for Foliant.

# EPSConvert

EPSConvert is a tool to convert EPS images into PNG format. This operation applies to any target excluding `pdf`.

## Installation

$ pip install foliantcontrib.epsconvert

## Config

To enable the preprocessor, add `epsconvert` to `preprocessors` section in the project config:

- epsconvert

The preprocessor has a number of options:

- epsconvert:
mogrify_path: mogrify
image_width: 1500
diagrams_cache_dir: !path .diagramscache

: Path to the `morgify` binary. By default, it is assumed that you have this command in `PATH`. [ImageMagick](https://imagemagick.org/) must be installed.

: Width of PNG images in pixels. By default, the width of each image is set by ImageMagick automatically. Default behavior is recommended. If the width is given explicitly, file size may increase.

: Path to the directory with diagrams that are generated by [Blockdiag](https://github.com/foliant-docs/foliantcontrib.blockdiag) and [PlantUML](https://github.com/foliant-docs/foliantcontrib.plantuml) preprocessors. Default value is `.diagramscache`.
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
foliantcontrib.epsconvert-1.0.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2018-03-13 2KB