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google-endpoints-api-management 1.3.0

Google Endpoints API management

Latest Version: 1.5.1

Google Endpoints API Management manages the ‘control plane’ of an API by providing support for authentication, billing, monitoring and quota control.

It achieves this by

  • allowing HTTP servers to control access to their APIs using the Google Service Management and Google Service Control APIs
  • providing built-in, standards-compliant support for third-party authentication
  • doing this with minimal performance impact via the use of advanced caching and aggregation algorithms
  • making this easy to integrate via a set of WSGI middleware


>>> application = MyWsgiApp()  # an existing WSGI application
>>> # the name of the controlled service
>>> service_name = 'my-service-name'
>>> # The Id of a Google Cloud project with the Service Control and Service Management
>>> # APIs enabled
>>> project_id = 'my-project-id'
>>> # wrap the app for service control
>>> from endpoints_management.control import client, wsgi
>>> control_client = client.Loaders.DEFAULT.load(service_name)
>>> control_client.start()
>>> controlled_app = wsgi.add_all(application, project_id, control_client)
>>> # now use the controlled in place of application
>>> my_server.serve(controlled_app)


Install using pip

[sudo] pip install google-endpoints-api-management

Python Versions

endpoints-management-python is currently tested with Python 2.7 and Python 3.6.


Contributions to this library are always welcome and highly encouraged.

See the CONTRIBUTING documentation for more information on how to get started.


This library follows Semantic Versioning


For detailed documentation of the modules in endpoints-management-python, please watch DOCUMENTATION.


Apache - See the full LICENSE for more information.

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