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Python 3 module for the MASER portal

X.Bonnin (LESIA, Obs. Paris, CNRS), 20-MAR-2017

About maser4py

maser4py python package contains modules to deal with services, data and tools provided in the framework of the MASER portal.


In order to install maser4py from pip:

  1. Make sure that Python 3.4 (or higher) as well as pip and setuptools are already installed on your system.

  2. Install and configure the NASA CDF software (visit http://cdf.gsfc.nasa.gov/ for more details).

  3. From the terminal, enter:

    pip install maser4py


From Python, enter “import maser4py”. The module also offers specific command line interfaces.

For more details, see the user manual in pdf format (doc/build/latex/maser4py.pdf) or html format (doc/build/index.html).


The maser4py directory contains the following items:

  • doc/ stores the maser4py documentation (source and build)
  • maser/ stores the maser4py source files
  • scripts/ store scripts to run/test/manage maser4py
  • __main__.py python script to run maser.main program
  • CHANGELOG.rst software change history log
  • MANIFEST.in files to be included to the package installation (used by setup.py)
  • README.rst current file
  • requirements.txt list of python package dependencies and versions
  • setup.cfg file used by sphinx to build the maser4py doc.
  • setup.py maser4py package setup file


The MASER portal (Mesures, Analyses et Simulations d’Emissions Radio) gives an access to tools and database related to low frequency radioastronomy (from few kilohertz up to several tens of megahertz). The radio measurements in the spectral range are realized with ground observatories (for the frequencies above the 10 MHz Earth ionospheric cut-off) or from spacecraft (at lower frequencies).

In this frequency range, the main radio sources are the Sun and the magnetized planets. The low frequency fluctuations measurement of the electric and magnetic fields can also provide a diagnosis on the local plasma conditions, and in-situ observations of plasma waves phenomena in the Solar Wind and the planetary environements.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
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