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pyVirtualize 0.1

VMware vSphere API helper.

Latest Version: 0.7

# pyVirtualize
A python interface to access and manage VMware vSphere and Horizon View.

pyVirtualize is build over pyVmomi, hence it has ability to perform all the operations what vSphere client is able to.
Not only vSphere, but pyVirtualize provides an interface for VMware Horizon View session management.

pyVirtualize provides easy interfaces to:

- Connect to VMWare's ESX, ESXi, Virtual Center, Virtual Server hosts and View Connnection server.
- Query hosts, datacenters, resource pools, virtual machines and perform various operations over them.
- VMs operations: power, file, process, snapshot, admin, utilities
- Horizon View: desktop, farms, rdsh, -pool management, querying connection and more.

An of course, you can use it to access all the API through python.

## Installation

Clone the project in your local directory.
git clone https://github.com/rocky1109/pyVirtualize.git
cd pyRacetrack

Now install/build it using **setup.py** file as
python setup.py install

Or, install it using *pip*, as
pip install pyVirtualize

## Example
>> from pyVirtualize.pyvSphere import vSphere
>> vsphere = vSphere(address='', username='administrator@vsphere.local', password='Ca$hc0w1')
>> vsphere.login()
>> vsphere.Datacenters
{'datacenter1': 'vim.Datacenter:datacenter-2', 'datacenter2': 'vim.Datacenter:datacenter-7'}
>> vsphere.VirtualMachines
{'W7x64': 'VirtualMachine:vm-295', 'W7x32': 'vim.VirtualMachine:vm-183', ... }
>> vm = vsphere.VirtualMachines['W7x64']
>> vm.set_credentials(username="myDomain\\myUsername", password="secret", credentials_type="user", default=True)
>> vm.operation.snapshot.revert_to_current()
>> vm.operation.power.power_on()
>> vm.operation.file.upload("/path/towards/my/src/file", "/path/towards/my/dest/file")


Read more at [ReadTheDocs](http://pyvirtualize.readthedocs.io/en/latest/) which has entire documentation, examples and more!  
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