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rdbgenerate 0.1.0

Generate Redis dump files (.rdb) from native Python objects

# rdbgenerate
Utility for generating Redis dump (.rdb) files from Python native objects

## Installation
You can install this using `pip`?

## Version support
`rdbgenerate` is written for Python 3.

## Generated `.rdb` files
The `.rdb` files generated by `rdbgenerate`:
- do not use compression to reduce size, unlike Redis itself which uses
smart encoding formats to keep file size down
- do not include auxiliary information such as database size hints,
additional version information, etc.

## Usage
Once installed, use `rdb_generate` to write `.rdb` files.

$ python
>>> from rdbgenerate import rdb_generate
>>> rdb_generate(
b"a": b"0",
b"b": {b"1"},
b"c": [b"1", b"2", b"3"],
b"d": {b"x": b"y"}
b"California": b"dreamin'"
>>> quit()
$ redis-server

### Encodings
This package supports strings that are Python `bytes` objects. It does *not* support regular Python strings.
Python strings can be converted to `bytes` via

>>> s = "California"
>>> b = s.encode('utf8')
>>> print(b)

For more information on string encoding in Python 3, see https://docs.python.org/3/howto/unicode.html .  
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