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Performs the wood/leaf separation from 3D point clouds generated using Terrestrial LiDAR Scanners.

TLSeparation is a Python library for material separation from tree/forests 3d point clouds.

Some features included in this package are:

  • Automated scripts to perform separation from single tree data.
  • Very extensible, modules and functions that can be imported to build a custom workflow.
  • Separation functions based on topology and geometric arrangement of points.
  • Filtering module to improve classification results.

This is still a work in progress, requiring some polishing to improve user-friendliness, but the core modules are sound and tested.

The TLSeparation library is being developed as part of my PhD research, supervised by Dr. Mat Disney, in the Department of Geography at University College London (UCL). My research is funded through Science Without Borders from the National Council of Technological and Scientific Development (10.13039/501100003593) – Brazil (Process number 233849/2014-9).

Any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me using one of the following e-mails: matheus.boni.vicari@gmail.com or matheus.vicari.15@ucl.ac.uk

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