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yamldown 0.1.2

Python library for loading and dumping "yamldown" (markdown with embedded yaml) files.

# Yamldown

This library allows users to load and read “YAMLdown” files. That is, Markdown (primarily for github) with YAML embedded inside. Github markdown already renders YAML style text in markdown as a table. This library parses a yamldown file into its respective YAML and markdown.

## Installation

pip install yamldown

For local installation and development, you can run the make file:

sauron@orthanc:[~]$ cd yamldown sauron@orthanc:[yamldown]$ make

This will create a virtual environemnt env, install everything in requirements.txt and in setup.py, run tests, and run mypy, python 3’s type checker. Be sure to activate the virtual environment when local developing:

source env/bin/activate


. env/bin/activate

To undo your activated virtual environment, just run the command deactivate

## Usage

Importing the yamldown module will let you load and dump yamldown files. load receives a file-like object (backed by text in yamldown format) and returns a tuple, first a dictionary with the containing YAML, and second a string with the contents of the Markdown. In this way the yaml can be utilized.


$ python3 >>> import io >>> import yamldown >>> s = “”” …— … things: … - hello … - world … foo: bar … — … This is some markdown text”“” >>> f = io.StringIO(s) >>> yml, md = yamldown.load(f) >>> print(yml) {‘things’: [‘hello’, ‘world’], ‘foo’: ‘bar’} >>>print(md) This is some markdown text

To write out a yamldown file, dump takes a dictionary with your yaml data and a string of markdown and outputs a string. The order in which the yaml appears in the document can be specified with the yamlfirst option: True for if the yaml should appear first (like in the above example) and False to appear last.


$ python3 >>> import yamldown >>> yml = {‘things’: [‘hello’, ‘world’], ‘foo’: ‘bar’} >>> md = “This is some markdown text” >>> print(yamldown.dump(yml, md)) — foo: bar things: - hello - world

— This is some markdown text

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